Rick Owens Mainline Mega bumper high-top ramones sneakers

SKU: RR02C7859-LOO-1

Rick Owens Mainline Mega bumper high-top ramones sneakers

Designer's ID: RR02C7859-LOO

Mega Bumper sneakers are meticulously designed with a high-top silhouette, showcasing seven eyelets and laces for a secure fit, while the added convenience of an inner ankle zipper simplifies the fastening process. These sneakers also feature distinct toe caps and extraordinary double-height mega bumper soles, complete with a shark-tooth tread pattern for an exceptional look.

The craftsmanship of these sneakers is exemplified by the use of medium-weight cow leather, which has been vegetable-tanned and meticulously finished with natural waxes. The leather is subjected to a final wash, enhancing its softness and highlighting its inherent grain texture. Notably, this type of leather remains untreated with pigments that might obscure the natural characteristics of the skin.

Color: Black

Composition: Leather

Made in ITALY