Price of an item shown on AcroEra, is:

 - In (€) Euros or ($) US Dollars - upon customers' preference.

 - Ex AcroEra fulfillment centre; whereas EU customers will not have to pay any additional VAT in Europe. 

 - Shipping charges are quoted separately at checkout.

 - Excludes any tax, duty, fee, levy or any other additional charges that may be applicable in your country. 

Currently we accept Card Payments made via PayPal. We also accept payments made through PayPal directly and via Bank Transfers.

Buyers with No PayPal Account, can still pay using their Debit/Credit Cards using the "Check out with PayPal" button.  PayPal Guest Checkout allows buyers to checkout without having or creating a PayPal account.

Further explained under FAQ on how to pay using Debit/Credit Cards via "Check out with PayPal" button or you may view the PayPal Guest Check out steps.

In case of a bank transfer payment is desired, the customer could request to receive an e-mail confirming the account details of AcroEra, items will then be reserved for the order and shipped once the funds are settled in AcroEra. bank account. To your order being cancelled, we encourage buyers to send us through email a copy of their bank transfer receipt within 48 hours from placing the order. Payment then be made to the following bank details:


UNICREDIT IBAN: IT06R0200801160000105233489


All major credit cards including MasterCard and Visa are accepted. Customers place orders using credit/debit cards, cards details then are forwarded to a secured online banking system provided by UniCredit S.p.A Bank and PayPal.

All payments are encrypted and none of your payment information is accessible by AcroEra website or The Runway s.r.l.s.