Rick Owens Mainline Double Bumper High-Top Sneakers

SKU: RR02C7859-LOO

Rick Owens Mainline Double Bumper High-Top Sneakers

Designer's ID: RR02C7859-LOO

These Mega Bumper sneakers are designed with an above-ankle height and come equipped with seven eyelets, laces, and a convenient zipper on the inside ankle for easy fastening. They also feature toe caps and double-height, mega bumper, shark-tooth soles.

The medium-weight cow leather used in crafting these sneakers is vegetable-tanned and finished using natural waxes. A final wash is applied to achieve the leather's softness and to bring out its natural grain texture. Since this type of leather remains untreated with pigments that cover the skin, you can observe natural markings and shading, making each skin and product uniquely distinct.

Color: Black

Composition: Leather-Rubber

Made in ITALY