Rick Owens drkshdw High Double Bumper Sneakers

SKU: DU02C5831-DO

Rick Owens DRKSHDW High-Top Double Bumper Ramones Sneakers

Designer's ID: DU02C5831-DO

Coming out of the LUXOR FW23 Collection, Rick Owens DRKSHDW High Top-Double Bumper Sneakers is back to take there spot again, and be one of the most dominant sneakers in the footwear market. with There avant-garde Design that seamlessly blend style and comfort. Crafted by the iconic fashion visionary Rick Owens himself, these sneakers are a symbol of luxury and innovation.

Featuring a 7 eyelets lace-up system, with the integrated of a side zip-up closure, an exaggerated DRKSHDW Embroidered  double bumper rubber sole, expressing the avant-garde vision of Rick Owens.

Color: Black

Composition: Cotton

Made in ITALY